In order to use the Google Drive features of, the site needs access to your Google account. This is provided via a secure oauth login via Google and your password is never shared with FountainLoader.

Once you have authorized, it gains readonly access to your Google Drive and cannot alter, delete, or add anything to your Google Drive. The app does not permanently store any data (in plainer language: We don't keep copies of your screenplay on our server). The app uses the Google Drive access to present a File Picker, which lets you select which Google Doc you want to load as a screenplay. It then downloads a plain text version of the document directly to your browser to render the screenplay, but no data is ever stored on our servers.

An access key for the file selected is briefly stored in your browser so that can check for changes in the Google Doc and refresh, but again, nothing is stored on the server.

No personal information from your account is accessed except for the specific file you choose to render. Once you leave the site, no data remains except for typical server logs and analytics data (IP addresses and other basic information about your browser and computer).

No information is ever shared with third parties.
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